BSA Troop # 1919

Welcome to Troop 1919!

Dear Troop 1919 Mulch Customers,
If you already placed your order, we appreciated your business and support but if you haven't--you still have time. Orders for this year must be postmarked by 15 April 2015.
Our delivery day will be 25 April 2015 and as always we will provide free delivery to your home or business.  Please include payment with your order. Orders should be mailed to KT Zamora, 15125 Razorback Place, Woodbridge, VA 22193.
Attached is our order form for this Spring.   Our product line is the same as this past spring and fall.   Our most popular products, the shredded hardwood bark mulch and four types of pine bark mulch all come in the large 3 cubic bags.  Our full product offering this Spring is:
Central Hardwood Shredded Bark Mulch
Rappahannock Pine Mini-Nugget™
Virginia Pine Bark and Fines™  
Shredded Pine Bark Mulch
Silver Dollar Pine Bark Nugget™
RED Shredded Colored Mulch
BLACK Shredded Colored Mulch
BROWN Shredded Colored Mulch
Aromatic Red Cedar Mulch
Top Soil 40 lb bag
Super Fine Soil Conditioner
Peat Moss 3 cubic ft bale
If you have questions about the sale please email:
We thank you for your generous support in prior years and hope you are able to support us again this Spring.  This sale enables Troop 1919 to continue to provide a great scouting experience for all the members of Troop 1919.   Our Fall 2015 sale announcement will be out in September.
BSA Troop 1919 is supported by VFW Post 1503 and is registered as a non-profit organization.  Profits for this sale are allocated directly to scouts for use on Scout activities, or to Troop activities to support Scouts.